Week 22a – Trust Thyself


Oh trust thyself…those words are so powerful! I was rendered speechless after coming across the paragraph in Emerson’s Self Reliance essay. I sat with these words for a day or so before I was able to formulate why I was awestruck.

I keep coming back to the discovery of my personality type (INFJ). It has been the most profound discovery for me thus far. I wonder a lot less now about how I fit into this world and why I’ve struggled with depression. It is quite common for this personality type to feel unheard, useless, misunderstood and dissatisfied, which resonates with me. The connection to this knowledge feels so heartwarming and supremely empowering. It gives me a place to pivot away from rather then continue to linger and feel disgruntled. It is so much easier to move towards trusting the intuition constantly flowing through me. I conditioned myself to ignore these messages as our culture thrives on intellect and evidence based data. In ignoring my true nature, I’ve been in limbo feeling complete with this experience on earth and ready for a different adventure in another realm.  But now, armed with the realization of my gifts and innate abilities, I allow my intuition to guide me without question. Ok, maybe a few questions but a lot less then before! My insights will no be pushed aside by the realist who require to see it to believe it. I know what I know and that’s that. I mean, who I am to blow against the wind?



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