Week 19 – Power Less Ness is illusory.


There is one thing I heard recently that left me speechless. And there is a sentence I read recently that also left me speechless. Both moments left me swirling, like immediately in need of being alone so I can process the realization and the wisdom I just absorbed.

A friend and I were talking about depression. Not in a woe is me kind of way, more like the psychology behind the ailment, coupled with cause and effect. She said, “Depression can be caused by anger turned inward.” I thought, if I were a nail, I was just hit on the head. Because the last 24 years were summed up in a single sentence. Up until that moment, I was confident, that was impossible. It was a mind boggling flabbergastingly kind of moment. This realization has been incredibly helpful in changing the direction of my thoughts and implementing new habits. Eradicating the habits that slow me down and giving power to the ones that fill me up.

The sentence that left me speechless was in this weeks The Master Keys – Part Nineteen. “Of course the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power.” Again, nail  —-> head. Bullseye. Almost like realizing the world isn’t flat. Wowza. After reading this I thought, no wonder my feelings of empowerment are naturally floating to the surface. No wonder I am closely following the trail of those who are basking in greatness. Consciously becoming more aware of how to wield the wisdom and power within me is liberating me of the fear I have been holding onto.

I am fondly appreciating this journey of self discovery.


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