Week 17 – Enthusa…what?


When I discovered my Franklin Makeover word was for this week, I cringed a bit. Then I double checked, eventually succumbing and realizing I had to just: do it now. Despite enthusiasm being a REQUIREMENT in the course for all readings, especially the nightly Scroll read, despite repeatedly reading thoughts needs enthusiasm, despite hearing Mark & Davene say over and over “Say it with enthusiasm!”, ugh, I just haven’t been able to access this feeling with as much frequency as I wish. I dislike admitting this truth but maybe that’s part of my process in recovering my missing enthusiasm, Although, I did have a successful first day in spotting enthusiasm in others as well as the rest of the week. I work at a high school so, enthusiasm is all over the place. But instead of quickly passing by expressive students, I paused briefly to soak some of it in. My fondest admiration of enthusiasm came from my pups, they overflow with a playful exuberance. Their unbridled love to be outside and play is unparalleled. They act like every day is fresher, more exciting then the last, the toys are always better then yesterday, the smells of the earth are always exhilarating, and joy easily shoots from every cell in their bodies. I am honored to be in the presence of this daily. I observe them and unlearn my silly “adult” habits and join in their love for life!


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