Week 16 – Happiness hit her like a…


I love how this week’s Master Key reading was broken into palatable bites I could easily chew on. Law of Sevens, Exchange value, Idealization, Visualization, Materialization.  The examples were easy to grasp. In general, I also enjoy how often the word “this” is used, despite my initial displeasure. Whenever I come across a “this” I force myself to define whatever “this” is referring to. I stay engaged more with the density of the content and become an active reader rather than passively glazing over. My print outs are covered in notes, highlighter markings in various colors, definitions, arrows, underlined sentences, circles, question marks and more notes. When I see my artistic display on the readings, it feels like a job well done.

I also appreciate all of the points made using the various versions “ideal”. Of course, I scribbled the definition in with an arrow to the word, in case I needed reminding. lol. Recently, I learned my personality type is Idealist: Counselor and it’s been enormously illuminating in every possible way. My focus on others has been so great in the past; what others think, what they say, what they think of me, what they say about me, what I should or shouldn’t do, my self-awareness was zilch. As I encourage my pendulum’s swing to be more fluid and less extreme by correcting my mental state, I settle into a harmoniously balanced state of being. Making noteworthy improvement step by step, moment by moment.


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