Week 14 – Excuses are like……


I decided it was essential for me to take inventory on the benefits MKMMA has brought to my life because dust is piling on my course material and the PIF scholarship is due this week. So what’s a girl to do? Look closely at the details and make an informed decision.

  1. I am goal oriented, taking one action step at a time.
  2. I am patient with the process my goals require in order to be achieved.
  3. I am persistent, no longer enduring.
  4. I am committed to successfully overcoming my adversity and the self discovery skills & techniques MKMMA offers are the best I’ve come across.
  5. I am conscious of my old blueprint. My strength to resist archaic thought and feeling patterns increase daily.
  6. I am in love with the Laws of the Mind.
  7. I am filled with more self compassion then I was 15 weeks ago.
  8. I am filled with more self love then I was 15 weeks ago.
  9. I am more appreciative of  my husband then I was 15 weeks ago.
  10. I am calmer then I was 15 weeks ago. My restless mind is embracing peace.
  11. I am happy to take this class again, to satiate my need for thoroughness.
  12. My DMP is a life commitment. Currently, it isn’t perfect but it’s close and I will rewrite/revise as I gain clarity.
  13. My eagerness to succeed surpasses my willingness to give up.

I choose to persist until I succeed, however long it takes to wrap my brain around the habits I need to live the life I want rather then the defaulted one.



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