Week 13 – Note to Self revisited



Oh hey there self. Ques pasa my dearest? It seemed like a good time to check in again. For too long it was feeling like we were stuck at a stop light. But remember, it’s impossible to go nowhere right? Thankfully we are recording our thoughts here, making it easier to remember the memorable thoughts that pass through this busy, restless mind of ours.

I know, we rushed through that extraordinary moment earlier but, taking time to reflect now, twas remarkably blessed. The daylight was not even upon us as the sun was still fully asleep on this shortest day of the 2016. Appearing to be like any typical morning turned quickly into much more, to our delight. An embrace turned into a pause and a pause turned into our teary beloved expressing a joyous appreciation that a stubborn table had finally turned. Paving yet another path for new peptides to grow and flourish. Resuming construction on that path to a happy, healthier togetherness.

Those DMP goals are so valuable to help stay focused in lightness and darkness.


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