Week 12 – It’s the little things


Who ha. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Adjusting to a new schedule and resuming my early riser status has me swirling but nonetheless, keeping my eyes on the prize.

My most noteworthy and victorious accomplishment has been utilizing, with success, the Law of Substitution. My thoughts can drive my nutso, especially first thing in the morning. I wake up and immediately feel like I’ve been under water, gasping for air. My thoughts begin to race, so I remind myself where I am by putting pieces together of the day prior and the day ahead. With this jump start, I definitely benefit from guiding my thoughts in a positive direction. I have been diligently listening to uplifting material whenever I am able and inserting positive affirmations. The mental diet has not been an easy undertaking. Neither has igniting enthusiasm. I feel simultaneously patient and impatient with myself. My self talk can be like, “It’s fine. This is a life long journey. You are only at the beginning of this transition. You are getting this.” The impatient side thinks things like “Hurry up girl, you got this. It’s not hard. It’s easy, in fact. Giddy up! It’s not a race but the faster you get to it, the better! This method is tried and true, get to it!” It’s the Gemini in me, I suppose.

Taking a step back and observing, I am making progress, day by day, little by little, in this life business. In the words of Jason Batemen, “If you‘re in control, the chaos will happen around you, not to you.”


7 thoughts on “Week 12 – It’s the little things

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